How to Control Our Kids’ Screen Time

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I have a 9-year-old 4th grader at home who went through more than four months of “summer” break from school.  Yesterday was his first day back.  Well, home school that is.  We actually went through a broken 3 weeks of transitioning-back-to-school phase. He had to answer his previous books and pay attention to lessons. But we did not fade his screen time just yet.  During the vacation, he has 1-hour computer time and 2 hours of TV time. Although he conceded to going cold turkey on his screen time, he is currently having difficulty paying attention to details of lessons and instructions; and sustaining focus when answering worksheets.  Earlier today, it took him 25 minutes to finish a 15-item worksheet on proper and common nouns!

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10 Virtual Activities to Do With Friends: Kids Edition

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According to Abraham Maslow, social interaction is one of the basic human needs.  It comes after physiological and safety needs.  In this time of pandemic and quarantine, we take care of our kids in the comforts and security of our home.  We feed them food to keep them healthy; and different activities to keep them cognitively sound and entertained.   While we spend so much time with them nowadays, they still need to connect to their peers.  Like us, adults, virtual meetup is the only way possible these days.

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Chores ‘r’ Us: How to Teach Your Children to Do Household Chores

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Let me start by being a Filipino.  It is common practice for Filipino families to hire a helper at home.  The helper cooks, cleans, washes dishes, washes laundry, etc.  The adults (parents and extended family), usually, chip in, here and there, when they feel like it or if they really like doing the chore. 

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4 Parenting Styles: Which Parent Are You?

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Every person in the universe is unique.  No two persons are the same, not even twins.  We have our own set of traits, how we deal with the world and how we go about carrying out our roles.  We are all different as a student, a friend or as an employee.   

One very important role, we take in our lifetime, is parenting.  And it is not just a gene-giving, budget-allotting job.  It is so much more than that.  Being a parent is all about the life of a child, the child you will raise, rear, bring up, look after, nurture, take care, love and call your own.

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8 Must-Keeps for Every Family with Special Kids this Quarantine Season

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After 2 months, most if not all of us, are still under a quarantine order.  The Education Department has announced the school opening to be in the last week of August, be it done physically or in other alternative means. Kids are definitely staying indoors for 2 more months!

As a parent myself, I am looking forward to going outdoors again with the son, but not just yet.  Maybe not even after the quarantine has just been lifted.  I want to make sure that it’s completely safe before we breathe the air from outside again! 

I am writing now with my own OT kids in mind since I am foreseeing a few more months before we can see each other, face to face, again for therapy.

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