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Some time ago, the husband was telling me about this movie, based on a real-life bunch of adults playing tag.  I managed to say “Ah..” to feign a little interest.  I, recently, found it on Netflix, and heck, I watched it and unexpectedly, I loved it!  Having said that on the first paragraph, you know that this is Tag, not really a movie review.  Nevertheless, I will try to slide a bit on that. Photos in this post were taken from Netflix screen shots.

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Back and Forth Thrice: Back to the Future Trilogy Review

It has been a fortnight since I last wrote. And it has been the first time in my life that I missed writing.  Since I started this blog, it has been my catharsis from the stresses of quarantined life and pandemic woes.  I am glad I am back after my longest absence (Yet!).  What could be a better way than to share my thoughts about being Back to the Future, right?  I, so, intended the pun right there.

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Never Too Late to be a Swiftie

(Credits to clipartmax.com for the images in this post)

I turned 39, recently.  If life begins at 40, I must be in my embryonic period right now.  And life couldn’t be more supportive.  It gave me a PAUSE button so I could regroup, bond with my little family, assess my past and plan for my future.  And oh, I also got to share this time with the world.

I used these past two and a half months exploring the unchartered at home.  To avoid monotony, I challenged myself to do something new.  So, I tried cooking and baking new dishes and pastries, pushing for higher levels of exercise, watching a whole new genre of movies/series, writing a blog, reading different kinds of books and listening to new beats of music.  One day, I came across Ms. Americana on Netflix and my journey as a Taylor Swift fan began.

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Why We Bare Bears is Good for Your Child and You, Too

Credits go to clipartmax.com for the images on this post.

We Bare Bears is a cartoon show on Cartoon Network featuring 3 species of bears (Grizzly, Panda and Polar Bears), referring to one another as brothers. It is also on Netflix but only for the first season.  The show’s latest season is season 4 and they have an upcoming movie this June. 

Yes, they’ll be on the silver screen, soon!

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