DIY Wooden Trinkets Box

Let me talk about a very common mom problem at home.  You know how cupboards and tables get filled with stuff that does not belong there? Pencils, coins, bills and sometimes, even an empty Yakult bottle gets lost and stays there.  It’s an unsightly view! I am not saying I am a saint.  Even, I, sometimes add to that messy pile.  Allow me to show you, how loving and understanding of a mother I am: It’s okay, it’s unavoidable! 🙂

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How to DIY Star Wars Accent Drawer

We’ve recently got our house constructed and even with our budget trimmed down, we were still determined to design and personalize our very first home.  I’m lucky that the husband is a bit of a handyman but since he is an engineer by profession, he tends to focus more on functionality, rather than the aesthetics of his work.  Good thing, he has a practical and creative wife, who, with a just a few touches, polishes his work to be acceptable masterpieces, at least to our humble taste.

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