Mindfulness for Kids

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With today’s technological hyper-advancements, our children are faced with overwhelming virtual hitches.  Selfies are obligatory in all the mundane events of their day.  They get sad when they don’t find their friends on Roblox.  Their existence also depends on how much likes and hearts they get on social media. Mindfulness for kids seems far-fetched but hear me out.

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Productivity Tips and Tricks

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To start the year right, productivity is the topic I choose to read on and write about. After setting my priorities straight last year and going through a major transition, I found myself looking into ways to be more productive.

Most people, myself included, would honestly agree that staying productive is a challenge.  Whether you are working in the corporate world, a stay-at-home mom, a freelancer or consultant, or an entrepreneur, you need to know how to veer away from constant distractions, disruptions, and various types of commotions.

Don’t you just feel good when you get to tick off tasks from your checklist at the end of the day?

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Why Create a Personal Website?

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Should you find a personal website, especially those that use a person’s exact name, you wonder why. Usually, you’ll find business websites when you browse the internet. Except, of course, if the owner is a public figure.

We’re in the digital age; anyone can invest in creating their personal website. This is true if you’re in the digital, media, or creative profession. Also, if you are vying for an online career, owning your personal website will help you establish yourself in the digital community.

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Why Blog: 10 Benefits of Reading and Writing Blogs

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What is a blog?

The dictionary defines a blog as a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or a small group, written in an informal or conversational style. On the other hand, Wikipedia states that a blog is a discussion or informational website published worldwide. It consists of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Why read blogs?

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Learning Life Skills

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What are Life Skills?  Simply put, these are living skills or the skills you need to live your life.  Skillsyouneed.com defines the term better as the skills you need to make the most out of life.  As parents, we certainly have a set of life skills we have been using through the years.  We take care of ourselves, our household, and our loved ones on a day-to-day basis.  All these we can do because we have been equipped with life skills in one way or another.  So, how do we pass these on to our kids?  How do we get them at learning life skills?

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High Blood Pressure: What Causes It?

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I cannot forget the time when my mom had a terrible, terrible nose bleed.  She was hypertensive and on maintenance medications for it.  As she related, that day was particularly different.  She felt unusually hot and light-headed upon waking up.  Then, a throbbing headache ensued at around noon.  She was trying to relax when she leaned in to get a magazine, suddenly, blood rushed out from her nose!  Our aunt described it like it was the tap, turned on to full.  She was rushed to the hospital and had to stay there for a week.  According to the doctor, it was a near-stroke experience, caused by her high blood pressure.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a relatively common term.  You might have heard it from your mom, uncle, or you might have experienced it first-hand. 

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Five Days Into Self-Love

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In this lifetime, how many times have you loved and cared for something or someone?  And how much of yourself did you commit to it or him or her?  More often than not, we give more of ourselves to others than to our very selves.  We tend to the well-being of our loved ones and our priced possessions while neglecting our needs.  Fortunately, in this day and age, there are people who remind us to take a break and listen to our core.

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