Making and Keeping Friendship

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In these times of unavoidable social malady, I can’t help but think about people I know, outside of my home, where I have been staying 24/7 for almost 106 days now.  Truth be told, its only 105 days and 22.5 hours for I went out a couple of times for very short errands.  To make the story short, I just miss my friends!  Not that I’ve had enough with my boys at home, but I just look forward to being with my girls, for a change! 

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10 Virtual Activities to Do With Friends: Kids Edition

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According to Abraham Maslow, social interaction is one of the basic human needs.  It comes after physiological and safety needs.  In this time of pandemic and quarantine, we take care of our kids in the comforts and security of our home.  We feed them food to keep them healthy; and different activities to keep them cognitively sound and entertained.   While we spend so much time with them nowadays, they still need to connect to their peers.  Like us, adults, virtual meetup is the only way possible these days.

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10 Virtual Activities To Do With Friends: Tita Edition

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The pandemic and quarantine has given us new ways to do things we need and want in life.  Our kids and students will be learning online in the coming months.  Health buffs who used to frequent the gym, now do their routines at home, sometimes, with their personal trainer online, as well.  This is the same with mall rats, who do not have a choice but to, also, do online shopping.  Even telehealth is on the rise as a new way to consult with the doctor and continue attending therapy sessions.  Prayer meetings, Holy Masses and other religious services are done, virtually, too. We are surrounded with virtual activities! Maybe we ought to try them to connect with friends!

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Handwriting: Body, Mind and Hand Working as One

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How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Skills: Part 4

I know I promised that this is going to be the final part of this series, but I realized I still want to share with you the nitty gritty so I decided to add one more part – the Legibility part.  This post, then, is going to be the second to the last of the series.  Catch the first three parts here:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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Never Too Late to be a Swiftie

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I turned 39, recently.  If life begins at 40, I must be in my embryonic period right now.  And life couldn’t be more supportive.  It gave me a PAUSE button so I could regroup, bond with my little family, assess my past and plan for my future.  And oh, I also got to share this time with the world.

I used these past two and a half months exploring the unchartered at home.  To avoid monotony, I challenged myself to do something new.  So, I tried cooking and baking new dishes and pastries, pushing for higher levels of exercise, watching a whole new genre of movies/series, writing a blog, reading different kinds of books and listening to new beats of music.  One day, I came across Ms. Americana on Netflix and my journey as a Taylor Swift fan began.

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