Why Create a Personal Website?

Should you find a personal website, especially those that use a person’s exact name, you wonder why. Usually, you’ll find business websites when you browse the internet. Except, of course, if the owner is a public figure.

We’re in the digital age; anyone can invest in creating their personal website. This is true if you’re in the digital, media, or creative profession. Also, if you are vying for an online career, owning your personal website will help you establish yourself in the digital community.

As for myself, I started this website during the pandemic. I read a book about how easy it is to create a website. At the same time, hosting fees were on sale. I took the plunge and made one. I could have killed it when I returned to work. But it can be an important legacy that I can leave the world when I’m gone (provided that my family continues to pay for hosting, etc.).

Convinced? Ensure to put the following on your website:

  • Your picture: Go to the studio for your professional or creative headshot. Depending on your agenda, post the one that tells how you want to portray yourself online.
  •  Your mission statement: Tell your visitors who you are on your Home or About page. What can you offer? What drives you? Your readers should be able to know these when they read about you. Have you read about me?
  •  Links to other accounts you own: Decide which ties to include on your website based on your objective. These may include your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You may put your professional or business website and your social media pages.
  •  Your contact details: Ensure your followers know how to reach you. Put your email address, messaging accounts, and telephone numbers if you want to share these.

It’s up to you to add more information about yourself. If you plan to use it professionally, you may also include links to your portfolio, resume, and other pertinent information.

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Undecided? Read the reasons below to convince you to take action right now:

1 Your website can lead you to valuable connections.

Without a website, people will use your social media account to peek at your background. In the digital age, even big company human resource has included social media check in their screening process. 

If you have a website and somebody googles you, the internet will likely glean your personal page, not just your social media. They get to read about your more relevant skills, networks, and experiences.

As you may have already imagined, this is impressive. Your website will put you on top should you vying for a job or any other undertaking.

2 It gives you a competitive advantage.

Use your website to polish your online presence and reputation. Ensure that you put relevant details on your website. It can be similar to a resume, where you can include your education, work experiences, and other credentials. You can also post blogs on topics representing you and which side of the fence you sit on. 

3 Landing a job will be easy if you’re looking for one.

Leading you to valuable connections and giving you a competitive advantage, your website helps make you stand out in the crowd. To bolster this fact, showcase your strengths and bring your unique skills to the limelight. Putting it out there, your portfolio, blog content, and other things you want to share will benefit more people.

Imagine having the same background and other credentials as your competitors. Will your website make you shine? It will make a big difference. Perhaps, it is the person’s deciding factor in choosing you.

It made a huge difference when I applied for a writing job two years ago. During that time, the content I had in my blog was all the experience I had in writing. Yet, I was able to land three content writing jobs in six months!

4 With your website, you create and control your brand.

Before, you may have already been featured on another website. It could be in a company where you worked or any organization you have been a part of. That’s great, but you didn’t have control over it. They could have put a tiny detail with which you disagreed, which did not embody the brand you want for yourself.

Everything changes if you have a personal website. With it, you have the final say in customizing every detail, from your photo to the text. Create your ideal brand and show it to the world. 

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5 Not only does it serve as your resume, but it is also more!

Aside from taking on resume purposes, your website can feature all your work, professional or personal. It is your gateway to connecting with people worldwide. It makes the scope of your prospects broader. With it, your readers may follow you and chat with you. These lead to a more extensive network and influence.

6 It’s a great way to aid you in your practice.

I have been practicing my profession for almost twenty years. Although there have not been two clear cases of kids I have handled, I have taught the exact strategies to countless families to manage their child’s issues.

My blog on my website serves as a teaching aid. Although I have not maximized it yet, I have shared the link to my posts with my OT parents, whom I felt would benefit from the content.

7 You get the chance to share your talent and various information.

Building a website will allow you to be creative. You get to plan and implement from the layout to the content while letting your creative juices flow. The desire to share content that will be helpful to your audience will push you to think about how to present it in an easily digestible manner.

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8 You get immense opportunities to learn new skills.

When I write posts about my practice, it’s like reviewing and brushing up on them. It keeps me updated on techniques I can apply to my OT kids’ cases. On the other hand, whenever I write about my insights, I do a little research to get new nuggets of wisdom here and there.

Since I decided to build my website until today, I have been learning new things in and out of my professional career. I have even gotten a job as a blogger because of it.

Acquiring new and valuable skills in the digital world has been good for me. I’m telling you, it will be for you too. Have you decided yet? Type a question in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer you.

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  1. I do like the manner in which you have presented this specific problem and it really does supply me personally a lot of fodder for thought. Nonetheless, because of what precisely I have observed, I only trust when other comments pile on that individuals keep on issue and don’t get started upon a soap box associated with some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this superb piece and although I do not necessarily concur with it in totality, I value the point of view.

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