10 Gifts Quarantined Moms Wish to Get on Mothers’ Day

1. A simple kiss and a greeting

Nothing beats letting her know that you remember her on this special day.  Getting up ahead of her and greeting her with a smile the moment she wakes up is a gem.  It, probably, would not hurt if you have also prepared the breakfast for the family to share, instead of her, preparing it for you, just for her special day.

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2. A heart-felt letter or a personalized card

An extended greeting expressing your appreciation for your mom, mommy, mama, nanay or inay can never go wrong!  Pour it out and say it from the heart! If you feel words are not your strong suit, use other means such as a drawing, painting or even digital design. 

3. A day off

If you, the husband and kids, can do breakfast, lunch and dinner plus all other chores in between, you have a very lucky wife/mom indeed!  It will definitely go down in her book and Mother’s Day will be the day she’ll be looking forward to each year.  After all, she’s been doing most of the work at home, for all of you, for the entire year, what is one day compared to that?  This is what Mother’s Day is for.

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4. A digital product she uses in her hobby

She maybe into crafts, or perhaps, just reading.  Check out Papemelroti or Etsy.  They have digital products that you can print at home for her to tweak in her free time.  If she’s into reading or maybe into movies/K-dramas, you can look into Kindle and torrents (if they’re not available on Netflix, iFlix or YouTube).  Download an e-book, a movie or a series and send it to her.  She will certainly be giddy as a schoolgirl!

5. Cosmetics and other beauty products

I’m sure our moms have been missing glamming up, especially those who have been staying at home for almost two months now.  Doing the groceries this quarantine is not counted since she has to wear a mask.  She must have worn lipstick out of habit but realized, later, that it’s futile.   Pharmacies like Mercury and Watsons are considered essential and are open.  You can find someone to buy makeup, lotions, or face cream for your mom.  She might make snide remarks upon seeing your gift, but deep inside, she would be dying to try them when she can.

6. Home spa

If your mom is not into makeup, level up and treat her into a DIY relaxation day.  A basin, warm water, soap, and lotion are all you need for a foot spa.  Natural scrubs that you can use include coffee, sugar, and salt.  For a simple facial spa, a cotton ball, warm water, facial soap, scrub and mask are all that is necessary.  An offer of head or back massage would also go a long way.  Throw in some googled simple massage techniques for the feet, face, back or head and you’re good to go!  Don’t forget to dim the lights and play relaxing music for added ambience.

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In my time as a kid, my parents love it when we pull out their white hairs.  If you’re both up for this, why not? I think it is still under this category.

7. Something she needs in the kitchen

If you’ve been helping in the kitchen recently, you would have an idea on what could possibly be a good addition, something to make her life a little easier.  It could be a good grater, can opener, peeler or even small appliances like a rice cooker, blender or toaster.  She will certainly beam with joy and in the long run, you yourself will benefit from this purchase. Actually!

8. A flower and sweets

Flowers and chocolates have always been a traditional way to say you care.  Order online or make your own from the garden.  Just make sure, she’s not that sensitive about her plants or else, it would be the worst Mother’s Day for the both of you!  If she’s into gardening, why not give her stems or seeds she can grow? Wrap them in a bouquet for a good presentation.  You might also want to check out these DIY flowers and make them in her favorite colors.

Cakes and other sweets can easily be ordered online or through delivery platforms like Grab, Lalamove and Angkas.  Include a dedication on her favorite flavor and it’s done!  If you can bake, now is the best time to do it for your mom!

9. A hand-made gift

DIY flowers have already been mentioned above.  A scrapbook of your family happy moments or a DIY photo frame featuring a special picture is particularly sweet and might also be tear jerking.  There are other crafts that you can easily make for Mother’s Day!  Click here to choose crafts you can do for your mom.

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10. A talent show dedicated to her

Whether you prefer to do it live or record it on video, this stint will surely surprise her (unless you have been doing it in the past)!  A song for mothers like these can be used, or her favorite song or artist.  If she’s a singer or dancer, leave out a part for her to join in!  More creative ways to do this would be a puppet show or a radio drama (voice only) which can be a scene close to her heart.  A scene from a favorite movie or a story she has repeatedly told you about her past.  Tears or laughter can make this Mother’s Day very memorable for her and the entire family!

Whatever gift you decide to give your mom, it will, without question, be appreciated.  I know, I would! You know your mom more than anybody else, so just be you and put your heart in it. 

Have a good Quarantined Mother’s Day, all!

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