10 Egg+2 Recipes for People on the Go

Aside from being easily accessible, egg is also incredibly nutritious.  Healthline lists 10 health benefits of eggs such as protein, omega-3, choline and lutein which are good for our hearts, eyes, muscles and more. 

Egg, probably, is one of simplest food to prepare, as well.  You can boil it, peel it and eat it.  It can be poached, fried as it is (sunny-side up) or scrambled.  Just add a pinch of seasoning (salt and pepper) and it satisfies a hungry tummy.  It is also the go-to menu of people trying to lose weight, particularly those on the Ketogenic or Atkins diet.

Those are the simplest ways to prepare your eggs.  Below, I list more ways to include them in your family’s diet, while utilizing just 2 more available ingredients and easy meal preparation:

Egg Salad

Usually an appetizer, this is very easy to prepare and can work as a spread in sandwiches or as topping on breads/biscuits.

What you need: Boiled eggs + mayo + seasoning

What you do: Slice eggs into bits.  Combine with mayo.  Season with salt.  Eat as is or use as spread on bread.

Optional: You may add pepper and onions, to your liking.

Egg Cups or Baked Eggs

These adorable power boosters can be your protein source at breakfast.  They can also work as appetizers at lunch or dinner.

What you need: Eggs + meat (such as bacon) or veggies (such as spinach) + seasoning

What you do: Beat eggs in a bowl.  Season with salt.  Pour halfway in cupcake pan (egg cups) or baking dish (baked eggs).  Add meat or veggies and give it a slight stir.  Bake for 15 to 20 minutes in a 180 degrees Celsius oven.

Optional: Pepper can also be added to season the egg before pouring in molds.  You can put more than one meat or veggies.  Mix both if your prefer it.  You can even add cheese if you like.  It is ideal to grease your pan with butter or oil, but either way, egg sticks.

Crepes, waffles and pancakes

Waffles and pancakes are typically served for breakfast.  Crepes can be prepared as a dessert

ice cream crepe, ice cream, crepe

What you need: Eggs + flour + milk

What you do: Mix one egg with 1 cup milk and 1 cup flour. 

For crepe, add ½ cup water and spread thinly on griddle with oil or butter until it falls off the pan.  Serve folded with sugar, ice cream, fruits in season and drizzle with sweet syrup.

For waffles, pour on waffle bed and close until it’s cooked.  Serve with butter and choco syrup or ice cream.

For pancakes, pour on pan.  Flip to cook the underside.  Serve with butter and honey. 

Optional:  You may add 1 tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and around 3 teaspoons of baking powder (if you want it more fluffier) in the mix before cooking.

Deviled Egg

My mom loves this dish.  She usually serves it as an antipasto or appetizer in our small gatherings with friends.

What you need: Boiled egg + mayo + seasoning 

What you do: Peel the eggs and slice in half.  Separate the yolk from the whites, being careful and preserving the whites.  Mix the mashed egg yolks with mayo (1:1) and preferred seasoning.  Scoop the batter and put it back on the turned up egg whites on a plate or tray.  Serve.

Optional:  Preferred seasoning can be salt, pepper, and/or paprika.  You can also garnish with chopped onion leaves before serving.


Torta is “cake” in Italian but this is not cake at all.  Tortang Talong can be Eggplant Omelet in English and can be used as a veggie dish or the main dish itself.

What you need: Egg + eggplant or potato + seasoning

What you do: For Tortang Talong (eggplant), grill and peel the eggplant.  Mash it with beaten eggs, season and fry together.  For Tortang Patatas (potato), saute the cubed potato until medium brown.  Season and put the beaten egg.

Optional:  You can add ground pork to both torta.  It will taste better if you saute the pork first before combining with veggies and egg.


I have long incorporated egg with leftover food and just called it omelet.  If its fried chicken I mixed with egg, then I called it fried chicken omelet.  Then, I watched the movie, Morning Glory and saw Harrison Ford mixed egg with various veggies.  I started calling leftover omelets, frittata!

avocado, chopping board, cooking

What you need: Egg + any leftover food + seasoning

What you do: Beat eggs and mix with chopped left over food.  Season, fry and serve.

Optional:  You may add more flavors to your frittatas.  Cheese, green peas, and bell peppers are my go-to additions.


What’s the difference?  The Spruce Eats draws the line.  Check out what they have to say here.  For me, frittatas are dancers and omelets are huggers.  Frittatas’ ingredients are mixed before pouring in the pan, whereas, in omelets, egg is poured first, cooked halfway then adding other ingredients, then closing them with the egg.  But that’s just me.  Omelets are best for breakfast or as main dish at lunch or dinner.

What you need:  Egg + meat + seasoning

omelet, eggs, lunch

What you do:  Beat and season the eggs.  Pour in a hot pan until half-cooked.  Pour meat in the middle and flip half of egg over it, wrapping and closing out on the meat with the egg. Serve hot.

Optional:  My favorite omelet is called Tuna Melt.  On the half-cooked egg on the pan, pour in a teaspoon of tuna flakes and grated cheese, then close it.  Go ahead and try it! 

Egg rolls

Now here is what I believe, the Korean version of the Frittata and Omelet.  The egg dances with the ingredients and then, instead of wrapping, it rolls with them on the pan.  Get it?

What you need:  Egg + chopped veggies + seasoning

What you do: Beat the egg with the other ingredients.  In a hot pan, pour the mixture.  Roll one side onto itself until you are rolling the egg as a whole.  Add more of the egg batter, if needed, so you have a thicker roll.  Watch how it is done here. Slice the roll before serving so you have eggs presented like sushis and makis.

Optional:  Add milk to the mixture for a creamier roll.  Grated cheese is also a good addition.

Leche Flan

Similar with Crème Caramel or Crème Custard, Leche Flan is a Filipino dessert easily prepared by baking or steaming. Steaming works better for me, though.

What you need:  Egg yolks + condensed milk (or sweetened milk) + sugar

What you do: Caramelize about ½ cup of sugar in an aluminum mold on the stove.  Spread the liquefied sugar on the surface of the mold and set aside.  Beat about 5 egg yolks with half a can of condensed milk thoroughly, then pour in the mold.  Tap several times to remove the bubbles, then cover it with foil.  Steam for about 30 minutes until formed.  Cool down then serve by turning the mold upside down on a plate.  Pour the remaining caramelized sugar on the flan.

Optional:  If you want a thinner consistency, go ahead and include the egg whites; or add fresh or evaporated milk to the batter.  Vanilla syrup can be added as well, to your liking.


We call it just “meringue.”  In other countries, they refer to it as meringue cookies.  Light and airy stiff fluffs works as a simple dessert or for snacking if you have a sweet tooth.

What you need: Egg whites + sugar + cream of tartar

What you do:  Using an electric mixer, mix egg whites until it is foamy.  Add the cream of tartar and mix again.  Add sugar in parts and in between mixing.  Turn mixer to high and mix until sugar is completely dissolved and stiff peaks is achieved.  You know you have stiff peaks if batter left on the whisk is pointy when you turn the whisk up.  Put this in a piping bag and pipe on baking tray lined with wax paper.  Bake it in a 100 degrees Celsius oven for 40 to 50 minutes.  Cool down before serving.

Optional: Vanilla syrup and a pinch of salt may be added to the mix.

egg, ingredient, baking

There!  The above recipes show the versatility of the egg.  It has been my quarantine staple.  I can prepare meals from day to night and appetizer to breakfast, using just the egg and a few more ingredients.

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