DIY Wooden Trinkets Box

Let me talk about a very common mom problem at home.  You know how cupboards and tables get filled with stuff that does not belong there? Pencils, coins, bills and sometimes, even an empty Yakult bottle gets lost and stays there.  It’s an unsightly view! I am not saying I am a saint.  Even, I, sometimes add to that messy pile.  Allow me to show you, how loving and understanding of a mother I am: It’s okay, it’s unavoidable! 🙂

Today’s DIY project is my solution to this problem.  Using wood just lying around in the yard, the husband’s tools and his skill to use them, I am making a wooden box to, kind of, conceal trinkets not properly packed away, at least for a few hours or days. On my cleaning days, when I have devoted the time put things back to order, then I will return each item in their rightful place.

Our home has a rustic and industrial feel..

The last DIY project I posted was a kitchen drawer with Star Wars accent.  If you haven’t yet, please read it here. From that article, you may have gathered that our home has a rustic/industrial feel.  I intended this box to add to the rustic vibe, as well as, to duplicate my accent color, which is red. Situating it between the living room and office area, I make it convenient for everybody to locate it, instead of starting a new pile of mess elsewhere.

What do we need? 

4 short wooden planks since this is a small box

1 wooden board that will fit inside the frame of planks

8 screws, 2 inches

½ Sand paper, rough grade

A few sprays of spray paint

1 cup varnish

Tools: Electric drill, screw driver, paint brush

7 easy steps:

  1. Position the wooden pieces and make sure your wooden board fits within the frame.  Make adjustments as necessary.  We had to saw one side of ours, after drawing a line from the frame.

2. Sand all the wood slightly to avoid splinters.  I, especially, sanded the long sides of the planks but not the corners, except if there are obvious wooden fibers sticking out.  The wooden board we used had clean edges already, except for the side that we trimmed.  So, I sanded that and also the surfaces even if its old paint looked good.

3. Drill holes on right-angled corners of two wooden planks, where screws are to be placed.  This makes it easier to use screw driver to secure angles.  Otherwise, it will be very hard to plant the screws, especially, that we used pallets which are quite thick.  Do this in all 4 corners.

Power tools make this project easy, yes. But, it can also be done with regular ones.

4. Insert the wooden board in the frame.  I chose the darker paint to be the box’s underside so that the white goes to the inside part of the box.  Screw the board in using the same process as above.  The husband made use of his electric screw driver here.

The box is now formed.

Here’s how the 2 sides looked.

5. Spray-paint the parts you want colored.  Mine were the sides and top parts only.  I did not put color under it or inside.  Also, I spray-painted minimally, going for a light and faded tint only.

I thought of making a chevron pattern after I have spray-painted the 3 sides.. too late.  If you want to add design, use stencils or masking tape before painting.

When we paint, we wait.

6. Leave for a bit to dry.  Then, sand again to achieve a distressed look.  This is if you are also going for a rustic look.

7. Applying varnish is optional.  I varnished mine to protect the paint and wood and to give it a little gloss. Twice, I applied varnish to all of its surfaces (two coatings), inside and outside.

8. Leave it to dry.

Here it is in its new home!  After 2 seconds, it welcomed its first guests:  a candle we use for praying and the husband’s cap which he uses when he goes out during this quarantine.

My goal, however, is to keep it empty.  But if it does get filled with misplaced stuff, I can tend to it on my cleaning days during the week.  It is like a staycation for these things.  They stay elsewhere with their friends and acquaintances before going back to their home.

Oh, how we, all, miss to go out!  It is Day 69 of our M/ECQ.  Soon.  We’ll get there, soon!

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