How the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Came About: Joyful Mystery

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For Roman Catholics worldwide, October is the month of the Holy Rosary. Being a devotee of the Holy Mother, I have always strived to pray the Rosary daily. When I pray, I try to contemplate the Savior’s life in relation to mine. Over the years, I feel I’ve become so used to it that it sometimes becomes mundane and automatic. This article aims to collate the events of how the Joyful mysteries of the Holy Rosary came about.

I will be indicating verses from the Bible. Although you probably have read and heard them before, I recommend that you reread them to refresh your memory before sharing my insights. I am also lifting probably new information from several websites that dug deep and analyzed the historical events to further help spark our prayer life and faith anew.

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What to Do with Kids During the School Break

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Summer vacation is fast approaching. Thinking of what to do with your kids? School break means fun for most of our kids. They won’t be having homework, projects, and tests. For some of them, it means doing whatever they want. In this case, it will be less fun for the parents. Mine would surely hook himself up with his screens if he can.

If we only consider here and now, permitting your children to do whatever they want seems okay. Now and then, it’s a good practice to let your reigns loose and watch your little ones enjoy their hearts out with freedom. But because we love our children, don’t we care about the intrinsic and long-term happiness they can get if we give them tasks which can give them a sense of fulfillment and something valuable in the future?

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10 Amazing Outdoor Party Ideas

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Summer is here! It is the best time to enjoy the sun in a tropical country like ours. You and your guests can enjoy the great weather and spend time dining, playing, talking, and chilling in the vast space. Hold your outdoor party late in the afternoon or at night and enjoy gazing at the starry skies while basking in the cold summer night breeze. Whatever your event may be, an outdoor party is always a terrific concept.

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Mindfulness for Kids

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With today’s technological hyper-advancements, our children are faced with overwhelming virtual hitches.  Selfies are obligatory in all the mundane events of their day.  They get sad when they don’t find their friends on Roblox.  Their existence also depends on how much likes and hearts they get on social media. Mindfulness for kids seems far-fetched but hear me out.

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Selfitis: Taking Too Much Selfies

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Selfies.  Most of us, no matter how old or young we are, do selfies.  It’s either you do it too little or too much.  In my FB and IG feeds, I have a handful of friends and relatives who loves, as in loooovvvves taking selfies.  And I cannot help but notice that most of them, if not all, are pretty and photogenic.  I speak for both males and females and you bet, they know it! 

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Productivity Tips and Tricks

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To start the year right, productivity is the topic I choose to read on and write about. After setting my priorities straight last year and going through a major transition, I found myself looking into ways to be more productive.

Most people, myself included, would honestly agree that staying productive is a challenge.  Whether you are working in the corporate world, a stay-at-home mom, a freelancer or consultant, or an entrepreneur, you need to know how to veer away from constant distractions, disruptions, and various types of commotions.

Don’t you just feel good when you get to tick off tasks from your checklist at the end of the day?

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Why Create a Personal Website?

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Should you find a personal website, especially those that use a person’s exact name, you wonder why. Usually, you’ll find business websites when you browse the internet. Except, of course, if the owner is a public figure.

We’re in the digital age; anyone can invest in creating their personal website. This is true if you’re in the digital, media, or creative profession. Also, if you are vying for an online career, owning your personal website will help you establish yourself in the digital community.

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