About Me

In my blog, I am the Millennial Mammoth.

Not that I am huge and hairy, but I was born in 1981 so I am technically a millennial, who does not feel like one.  Raised by boomers, grew up with Xers, friends with Millennials and Zers and now, raising an Alpha, I feel I can relate with all well. We don’t really have a choice, right? 🙂

A wife and a mom, hands-on and working, I want to give everyone a glimpse of my ups, downs, and segues of family and home life.  DIYs, parenting tips, home school worksheets, recipes, home hacks, TV reviews, and everything in between are to look forward to in this site.

A practicing pediatric occupational therapist for more than 15 years, I am more than willing to share my experiences and tips in handling kids, whether they are special, more special or most special, whichever category your kid (or spouse) falls under 🙂

Being a true blue Filipino, this blog also serves as an avenue for me to proudly share our culture and my alab ng puso about my Bayang Magiliw as it currently fights for its kislap ng watawat at paglayang minamahal.

I hope to give you a chuckle, a smirk, and a thing or two to ponder. Drop me a line whenever, and wherever. I will just be here writing, reading, working, parenting, cleaning, cooking, resting, or some other things I do everyday. Some of you might just know the drill 😉