To Improve Handwriting: Right-handed or Left-handed?

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How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Skills: Part 1.

Last time, I wrote about how to improve the movement, more aptly the gross motor skills of your child.  ICYMI, read it here.  This time, I would like to talk about your child’s hand skills, or what we call, in child development, the fine motor skills.  Since fine motor skills is a hefty topic, I am writing a series about it and I start with bilateral hand use and handedness.

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A Mom’s Guide to the Rest of Quarantine

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Today is Day 30 of the ECQ (Enhanced Luzon Quarantine in the Philippines due to Covid-19).  There are barely 3 more weeks to stay indoors.  If you (or any other mom you know) still haven’t gotten a clue on what to do in the house, here is a list:

1. Bond with your kids

This is a given even before the quarantine started.  When everyone is at home, its an automatic bonding time with the kids, not because you ask them to bond with you but because they tend to be glued to you whatever they or you are getting busy with. 

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Mistitle: How to Correct a Philippine Land Title Error

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After several attempts to purchase a home, my husband and I finally decided to materialize it on our 8th year together.  Since the husband is an engineer, we opted to buy a lot so he can get his hands on in building the structure we’d call our home.  We were able to fully pay for an  88-square-meter in a never-heard, quite-isolated subdivision in Laguna for less than 500k. After around 5 months of waiting, we were ecstatic when we finally got the title! We celebrated with unlimited rice in Mang Inasal’s 🙂

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Hello, INFJs!

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To start my blog, I would like to add an extension to my About Me page and talk about my personality (based on my personality test result).  I’ve taken the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test for the fourth time today.  I took it within approximately 6 months apart.  On the first 2 occasions, I got INFJ-A result and on the next 2, including today, I got INFJ-T.  So, I am, certainly, an INFJ and I belong to about 1.5 to 3% of the population (at least, of the ones who took the test). 

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