DIY Wooden Trinkets Box

Let me talk about a very common mom problem at home.  You know how cupboards and tables get filled with stuff that does not belong there? Pencils, coins, bills and sometimes, even an empty Yakult bottle gets lost and stays there.  It’s an unsightly view! I am not saying I am a saint.  Even, I, sometimes add to that messy pile.  Allow me to show you, how loving and understanding of a mother I am: It’s okay, it’s unavoidable! 🙂

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10 Egg+2 Recipes for People on the Go

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Aside from being easily accessible, egg is also incredibly nutritious.  Healthline lists 10 health benefits of eggs such as protein, omega-3, choline and lutein which are good for our hearts, eyes, muscles and more. 

Egg, probably, is one of simplest food to prepare, as well.  You can boil it, peel it and eat it.  It can be poached, fried as it is (sunny-side up) or scrambled.  Just add a pinch of seasoning (salt and pepper) and it satisfies a hungry tummy.  It is also the go-to menu of people trying to lose weight, particularly those on the Ketogenic or Atkins diet.

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What Does New Normal Mean to You?

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It has been more than 2 months since we got stuck in our homes, not because we chose to, but because we had to.  And still, we have to.

This was a golden opportunity for me to try out being a house wife…

I used to tell my friends, especially my mom-friends that I dream of being a house wife:  staying at home, cooking for the husband, caring for my kid and for the house.  So when quarantine was mandated, the therapy clinic where I work closed, I saw the positive side and thought this was a golden opportunity for me to try it out!  But just 8 weeks after, I realized it was unfair.  It was unfair for me to try “house-wifing” when I have no me-time.  I could not even reward myself of taking a trip to the café or the bookstore after cleaning the house up.  Even leisure grocery shopping was impossible! 

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8 Must-Keeps for Every Family with Special Kids this Quarantine Season

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After 2 months, most if not all of us, are still under a quarantine order.  The Education Department has announced the school opening to be in the last week of August, be it done physically or in other alternative means. Kids are definitely staying indoors for 2 more months!

As a parent myself, I am looking forward to going outdoors again with the son, but not just yet.  Maybe not even after the quarantine has just been lifted.  I want to make sure that it’s completely safe before we breathe the air from outside again! 

I am writing now with my own OT kids in mind since I am foreseeing a few more months before we can see each other, face to face, again for therapy.

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10 Gifts Quarantined Moms Wish to Get on Mothers’ Day

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1. A simple kiss and a greeting

Nothing beats letting her know that you remember her on this special day.  Getting up ahead of her and greeting her with a smile the moment she wakes up is a gem.  It, probably, would not hurt if you have also prepared the breakfast for the family to share, instead of her, preparing it for you, just for her special day.

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Hand Skills, Precisely: To Improve Handwriting Skills

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How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Skills: Part 2.

In the first part of this series, I wrote about two-hand use and handedness, which are very important areas for handwriting skills readiness.  ICYMI, read it here.

Fine motor skills or hand skills is a vast topic.  The hand may look small but deep within, it is a complicated network of tendons, bones, veins and nerves.  It should be since we use it for manipulation of things around us and we need accuracy and fine movements to achieve that.  Just imagine doing a precision task without your hands. In this part, I am covering coordination and prehension patterns, which takes us closer to developing handwriting skills in our children..

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How to DIY Star Wars Accent Drawer

We’ve recently got our house constructed and even with our budget trimmed down, we were still determined to design and personalize our very first home.  I’m lucky that the husband is a bit of a handyman but since he is an engineer by profession, he tends to focus more on functionality, rather than the aesthetics of his work.  Good thing, he has a practical and creative wife, who, with a just a few touches, polishes his work to be acceptable masterpieces, at least to our humble taste.

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Lessons I Learned From Brewing My Own Milk Tea At Home

In the middle of the quarantine, the husband purchased a DIY Milk Tea Set from Tastexperts Manila. It included 2 big Assam tea bags (times 10 or 20 of a regular tea bag), 1 pack of vacuum-sealed raw tapioca pearls, 1 big bag of non-dairy creamer, 1 liter bottle of sugar syrup, 1 plastic powder scooper, pearl shake straws, 1 wire tapioca scooper, a shaker, a jigger (both brand new) and a sheet of instructions. The task looked daunting! It took me around 3 days to bring myself to do it.

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10 Hashtags That Might Have Predicted the Pandemic

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The age of social media does not only give us a medium to virtually connect with one another.  It also bestows power upon a person, institution or even just an idea.  Trend setters, were suddenly able to spark a movement with their fingertips while sitting on the couch at home or in a café.  Through hashtags, each one of us can collectively bind our thoughts and elicit actions, whenever applicable, and conveniently build a paved memory lane if we want to look back and remember later on.  Ironically, or so I think, at this very unprecedented time, the hashtags worked in reverse.  It seemed to me as if the universe took these trends too seriously and metaphorically smeared the future, into what is happening today.

(Hashtags included here are based on Philippine trends in the last 5 years.)

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To Improve Handwriting: Right-handed or Left-handed?

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How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Skills: Part 1.

Last time, I wrote about how to improve the movement, more aptly the gross motor skills of your child.  ICYMI, read it here.  This time, I would like to talk about your child’s hand skills, or what we call, in child development, the fine motor skills.  Since fine motor skills is a hefty topic, I am writing a series about it and I start with bilateral hand use and handedness.

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